Valued Finance


Feasible. Valuble. Scalable.



I believe in sustainable financial services. For the mutual benefit of consumers, communities and corporations.
 I believe it is entirely possible to balance the interests of regulators, investors, customers and colleagues. Possible and desirable.

I believe financial services organizations have become deeply inefficient; operating a decades-old playbook which needs urgent transformation to be relevant in the present.

I believe what is technically feasible must also be valuable and made usable if it is to have sustainable impact on the world.


For over twenty years I have driven sustainable growth through financial services.

I have achieved this consistently through relentless observation of three fundamental principles:

customer obsession.

Your purpose is to create a customer.

Never forget that, without customers you have, quite simply, nothing.

Show care to understand what each customer needs and deliver that.

Never sell what they do not need.

beginner’s mindset.

Although it is, it need not be.

Empathise utterly.

Understand why things are today.

Be prepared to swiftly and sincerely change all as necessary to be relevant tomorrow.


Success comes from recognising value in your team.

Be humble and curious. Listen to and care for them. Give them ownership, autonomy and responsibility.

They will thrive just as your customers benefit in your shared purpose.


“Closing the gap between Promise and Proof.”




My first financial services job was as a typist in legal & compliance of a new capital markets division of a global commercial bank.

Here my beginner’s mindset was most evident.

There was no procedures manual to follow. No sage advice for me to heed. We were building a business from nothing.

I could type. I knew how to answer the phone the way my parents taught me in their businesses.

And I intuitively knew the vital importance of delivering.

Since then I have managed complex organisations with global multi-cultural teams through times of extreme volatility, regulatory and technological disruption.

In all my roles - as general manager, as Chief Operating Officer and as Chief Marketing Officer - I have proven how technology can improve the efficiency and experience of human-centered systems - delivering consistently improved financial outcomes.

I believe unimpeachable ethics are critical.

Trust must be earned and without it, the system is inevitably doomed.